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Thread: Been a long time coming...

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    Default Been a long time coming...

    So, built a sink tube or two few years ago, Habro boards, led'so from here.

    Life moved on, divorce happened, blah blah..

    Finally deciding to get all my parts from TCSS, and I see the MWS. Now, I wasn't the best at soldering when I was doing it back in the day, and I haven't done any in years, so... yeah.

    Anyways! Here's the list I'm looking at:





    I'm eventually going to mod up a USB Battery bank as a power supply, but for now going with this cause NiMH trips are easier for me to get at the moment than a soldering iron and space to work. I don't plan on powering the Switches led, but never know in the future.

    Now! All that being said, my biggest concern: do I need to wire in a resistor for this MWS LED? My first instinct would say no, but i'do love you vets to look it over for me!

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    MWS ≠ Plug & Play. There is always soldering involved in one respect or another. The resistor (not included) is one instance.
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    Welcome aboard
    Short answer to your Q...Yes. The LED does not have a resistor attached. You do need one for running an LED off that board. IF you are not planning an LED with FOC, like BBW or the like.
    Isolate the wire that goes to the LED from the board and splice in your resistor there.
    If you don't have room for soldering station and what have you, this may be the best option for getting a hilt together on the "Quick". But if you do have a small amount of space for a soldering gun, and small work area. It may be worth the time and effort to wire up the board yourself. That way you can insure the fit of the electronics in your hilt.
    I see it as "either" "or" situation. What ever you decide, keep posting. There's plenty of helpful people here.

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    And THIS is why I'm glad I posted!

    Thank you very much for the heads up!

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    So, on the topic of resistors...

    I was working out the math, when and wanted to make sure I had my numbers right!

    The Cree star that I'm going with runs off of 1A, and the NB puts out 2A. Now this is going to prolly sound dumb but... the voltage the NB puts out is equal to the battery pack, right?

    Like a single 18650 would be 3.7, or the nimh trips would be 4.8, right?

    Just trying to get the numbers right so I can A) plug into a resistor calculator and B) be prepared for when I upgrade to the USB power pack, which puts out (I think) 5v.

    Does any of that make sense? Did I just miss the pertinent information somewhere?

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    So! A little more digging and...

    The cree copper Star in red I want to use should have a forward voltage of 2.65 at 1000mah, and my pack should provide 4.8v, so if I'm doing this right, i'my going to want a 2.2w/,2.2 ohm resistor !

    Thanks for the assistance you guys!!


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