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    Default Glad to be done with it

    I know that everyone who hangs out in this forum has had that one or two builds that were just an absolute < insert long string of profanity>. For me so far, it was a build I did for my wife's sister. I started the build in early March of 2016. I didn't get done and shipped of to her until mid-Nov of 2016 (almost 8 months); in the mean time I complete four other builds. I encountered all sorts of issues to include internal chassis clearance issues, to specific parts out of stock (O.O.S.), wires getting separated during assemble and I am not even going to begin with the nightmare cram-fu that went into this build. To justify, some of these issues were introduced by myself. I wanted to use a emitter as pommel. I am proud to say that when my sister-in-law received her saber she takes it to work the next day and totally let her Jedi-geek flag fly loud and proud. This what the final render and almost finished product looked like. After this almost finished pic was taken I replaced the hilt with same style but different switch box as box 19 was and still is O.O.S:
    Jamie_render5.jpgJam_almost finished.jpg

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    Looking good dude.

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    Nice idea with the blade holders...
    Join me, join the dark side!

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    I really like that idea for that pommel, and empathize with the OOS, I've been waiting on that switch box myself (or preferably 13)!

    Sometimes it's the subtle twist that makes something really unique and personal.

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    Looks really nice. What did you do to fill the hole in the pommel/emitter?

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    I found some plastic mesh looking material (very tight grid pattern) at a local craft store. Cut out circle, 1/32 smaller than the ID of the emitter. Hit that piece with some matte silver spray paint (two coats). finally step was to super glue the insert in place. From a short distance it looks just like real wire meshing.

    Regardless of all the strife I encountered during this build, I am still proud of the finished product.
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