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Thread: New Sabers 1/29/17 - I added other and will just update this one post in the future

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    Default New Sabers 5/14/17 - I added other and will just update this one post in the future

    Decided it would be best just to keep updating one post so others can use these for Ideas. When I post a new one I will just update the title. Thanks to Noyl of FX for help on some of these.

    The bottom is olive leather but looks like paint and the top is media blasted but looks also like white paint.

    Hole at the bottom is ready for the tactile switch but I did not get it in before the pics

    Hybrid MHS camera parts

    Finished this one with sound and a white blade with blue flash on clash. I also have yellow discs to make a nice yellow blade. It has a light weathering.

    This is a weathered MR V2. I put it next to the clean version. Both box arrows light up when batteries are in and have the TCSS conversion kits.

    Since it takes me a while to get sound in sabers I am posting some in progress pics as well as finished. Been a while since I posted. Sorry if there was a pic that I already posted as I can't remember what I posted and what I did not.

    converted luke with switch lit up

    Converted Maul

    My take on the ultrasaber prophecy

    Weathered Sabers

    Custom blade holder

    Hybrid Maul / MHS



    Gladius Upgrade


    The oxidation on the aluminum from hand oils really shows in the pictures but with a quick wipe down would take care of that and they would all look good and shiny but it really shows in the pictures. Blade is not straight in a couple sabers because I was to lazy to undo the blade retention screw so it is just sitting in there on the edge.

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing
    Join me, join the dark side!

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    Wow, that's quite the collection! Being a molecular biologist, I especially appreciated the dsDNA in the one crystal chamber -- cool idea.

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    Indeed. That is quite the collection you have there.

    Did you build all/most of those yourself?
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    EPIC collection. still picking my jaw up off the floor. I see a lot of blood, sweat, tears and $$ tied up in your fine wears.
    And the Bards express rejoice.

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    What the heck dude? Are you supplying an army for a war?

    Seriously though, nice collection.

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    Man! Did you loot the temple after Order66? . Seriously, that's an awesome collection. Too many to pick a fav'.

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    Lot s of cool ideas on all of these!!
    I especially like the one with the suspended shroud over the blade holder. nice job with these

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    Thanks everyone, yep built all of them.


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