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Thread: delay issues with LED

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    Default delay issues with LED

    Hello all, first post here although I have been following from the shadows for a year now. After converting all of my Hasbros I recently took the leap to do a full install on my new K4. Once I installed all of the electronics I noticed that upon activation, there is a small delay for the LED to turn on. This is even more noticable when I turn the saber off. After doing some tests I realized that the delay became worse the longer the saber was on. If the saber was on for a few seconds, there would be a 1 second delay between the sound and the LED to turn off, if it was on for 30 or so seconds, the delay becomes 3 or so seconds.

    Let me give the specs:
    Tri cree rB/B/W foc
    18650 lion from TCSS
    20mm speaker
    recharge port

    I posted this problem on another forum thinking it was the NBV3 but after following a suggestion I reformatted the SD card but the problem persisted. I think this has to do with the LED somehow.

    I should also note that I followed Shameem's advice on one of his reviews of the K4 saber and did not use a 1" heat sink for the LED, to save room in the emitter to accept a blade. He suggested that the LED be placed directly on the inside of the emitter using thermal paste. The emitter itself is supposed to act as a heat sink.

    I am wondering if this excess heat is causing the diodes to stay on longer than they are supposed to? This makes sense that the longer the saber is on (more heat), the longer the delay.

    Here is an example video of the problem. It shows the delay when the saber has been on for 30 seconds.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this issue. I hope I posted this in the right place- I wanted my first post to be a triumphant one of my new saber but this problem has me stumped.

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    have you looked in your config file yet?

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    Well i dont know if how you formatted it again but i think it must be the config...
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    I tested out another LED in place of this one and the delay persisted, so I could rule out the LED as the cause. After discussing it with erv I believe I damaged the sound board by not using an ESD safe soldering iron. He thinks somehow I damaged the channel driver on the board. I used my new ESD safe iron to replace the soundboard with another I had laying around and it works perfectly now. Thanks for the replies, im glad I finally got to the bottom of this issue. So yeah, NOOB PSA: use ESD safe irons!

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