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Thread: PC 2.0 problem.

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    Default PC 2.0 problem.

    Trying to work on a PC 2.0 that someone had previously attempted to install with no success. He stated that he could never get the sound and the led to work at the same time. It sat for a while ( we're on PC 4.0 now) and he asked if I would take a look.

    I cleaned it up (quite a bit) and just put a speaker, led, battery on it to test. As soon as I connected the battery, the led came on and nearly burned out. There seems to be no switch keeping it from flowing current. I double checked that all the power was separated and not bridged and everything looked good.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Did you check the switch setting on the SD card, and make sure it is set properly? IF the LED comes on, there is likely a ground somewhere.
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    Switch settings are correct. I agree there is a ground but my two eyes can't find it. Not sure about the cost or if it's worth sending a 2.9 for repair. My friend assumed it was a loss when he sent it to me.

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