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Thread: 20mm Speaker Holder

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    Default 20mm Speaker Holder

    I'm working on a new saber that will have a small ID, just a hair over 1". The 28mm speaker will fit, but just barely, let alone a holder.

    My next option is to use a 20mm speaker, but I see no holders for them.


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    I remember seeing threads on fx about people making 20mm speaker holders.

    3/4" PVC conduit might work as a chassis for 1", and have about the right ID for a 20 mm speaker.

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    Never had to deal with the 20mm so just throwing ideas out. O-ring, small piece of PVC, small piece of foam, maybe email Tim to see if can custom laser cut an acrylic disc?

    I know you hate shapeways and 3D prints so I won't suggest those
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    I wonder if a PVC end cap would work...

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    Over here it's all metric but a coupler for 20mm pvc conduit is the perfect fit and the OD should be pretty close to 1". I used one with the 20mm speaker in my daughters saber.


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    i used a step bit on a piece of 1/2" pvc to open it to 13/16". The step behind it made a good stop. The 1/2" pvc fits perfectly in 1" pex which conveniently enough fits inside a 1.125 ID tube.

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    These are all great suggestions, keep 'em coming!

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    I think a blade tube works with a little sanding.

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    I'll note that I think this speaker sounds great! I will consider using it in future builds without reservation.

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    Heavy grade piece of 1" blade stock:

    Two to act as the holder, the other to act as a cap....assemble, and heatshrink with pvc shrink wrap:

    This was a chassis set up for an old Parks Rogue conversion I did a couple of years ago.

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