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Thread: Luke Black Series ROTJ FX Lightsaber Conversion

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    Default Luke Black Series ROTJ FX Lightsaber Conversion

    Hey all again. Been spamming these conversions lately for the Black Series FX Lightsabers.
    This is too much fun.
    Picked this up at GameStop yesterday for $100, with the sole purpose of converting it.
    I am not a fan of the thick neck, but the hilt feels very solid and comfortable.

    So first of all, ignore all previous MR conversion guides
    This one is different, in an easy way.

    First of all, remove the card thing. It's actually glued on, so it comes on fairly easy.

    Then remove the these two screws

    The top part then comes off, and you see this

    Remove the switch, and either clip the wires or desolder them (I mark mine with sharpie so I know where they go when putting it back together)
    Then the part where the switch was held should just come out without any effort

    Remove the screw, and the housing should come out (Careful with the arrows, they fall out, like mine)
    Now, twist the blade and push down (Of course, you should have removed the pommel and battery back)
    It should slide out pretty easily with minimal force. Just make sure you first twist the blade.
    Now, you need to punch out these two pins

    This was relatively easier than the other sabers I've done

    Now comes, the most annoying part of this conversion.
    At first, I messed up. I pulled the wires out from the speaker/battery contacts.
    You need to pry open the casing. I went with a flat-head opening the seams. It's challenging, but take it slow.
    Don't underestimate this part, it truly is pretty difficult.

    As I said before, I broke off the power/speaker wires, and soldered them back from an image I found. Here's what I have wired correctly, along with the wiring for the LED conversion part

    I should be getting my parts for the actual conversion soon, but all the preliminary stuff is done for now.
    I'm using a Green Cree XPE-2, TCSS Heatsink 1", Thermal Paste, Lens Holder, 8.7 Degree Lens

    I am sure I'll have to modify the annoying blade holder to fit the module, but that is for another day

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    Did you ever finish the work on the blade holder? I understand the opening in the emitter is smaller then the MR version and that either the emitter or the blade holder will need to be modified. I'm just about to start this conversion and looking for some tips from someone who has gone this way before.

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    Luke ROTJ Wiring.jpg

    Because it took me many hours to try and figure out the proper wiring, here's a diagram. Same orientation as above, but with the correct wiring. Works like a champ.

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