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    Hello All I'm a newbie here please take it easy on me if this question has been asked.

    My son would like to upgrade his LED's and make his light sabers removable blades so I'm trying to help him out here. I have read/looked over a lot of tutorials here. but I'm still a little confused. When I went to order the parts I seen 2 different types Master Rep. or Hasbor FX. So I reached out to a sales person @saber shop and I was told that Saber shop doesn't make parts for our sabers yet. So far he have the Hasbro 2015 Black Series force FX series Kylo Ren & Luke Skywalker/Ankin. Am I call the sabers the wrong name or is the sales man correct , there is no parts yet?

    As I stated before all we want to is: Make it a removable blade, change the LEDs and upgrade the speaker. Keep the OG sound board.

    Thank in advance Mike.

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    I'm not sure what "sales person" you talked to, but there is a conversion kit for the Kylo Ren saber here: Instructions to convert it are here:

    There currently are no parts for converting the Luke Skywalker ANH Black series saber, but there is a tutorial here:

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    Thank you Jay-gon Jinn for your quick response.

    Yes we was following Darthmario95 tutorial for the Kylo Ren saber. "salesperson" Tim Yaskus stated nothing was available for the Luke saber at this time and the Kylo Ren only had the main blade and no side blades for the conversion. Also Tim stated he had no luck getting the side blades to work do to under power?? What would I need to fix this? a bigger battery pack?

    I just wanted to make sure I was ordering the correct parts. Hate to take the saber apart just to find out I ordered the wrong stuff. SMH

    Thank you again Jay for your help.

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    Yeah, Tim is the owner, not a salesperson. There may be a way to get those side blades to work, but unfortunately, conversions are not my specialty anymore, so maybe someone else might have an answer for that.

    Got a question? Start Here. Have you tried the Thread Index yet? Most questions can be answered there.


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