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Thread: Parts list for internals of a MWS 1.5 sink tube saber

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    Default Parts list for internals of a MWS 1.5 sink tube saber

    Okay here is what I have come up with so far for a parts for my 1.5 sink tube. I'm trying to use as many MWS parts as possible as this is my first saber.

    MWS Pre-Wired Nano Biscotte Sound Module V3
    MWS Short Momentary 16mm AV Switch - Black, White Ring
    Cree Star LED & MHSV1 Heatsink Module, White
    Heat Sink V3 (Long Style)
    2W 28mm Bass Speaker
    JST Female connector 26AWG Green
    Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery with JST connector
    MWS Recharge Port
    9" Electronics shield for 1.25" ID tubes
    3.7V Li-ion smart charger with 2.1mm plug

    Questions I have:

    1. How do I mount the parts in the sink tube as it is 1.5 and most parts are based around 1.25 parts? Would a piece of PVC pipe that is the proper size be a cheap solution?
    2. What can I use to mount the Pre-wired Nano Biscotte as what I have seen on the site is for use Non Pre-wired version?
    3. Is the electronics shield necessary if I use PVC Pipe as in question #1?
    4. I imagine this is a bit of personal preference, but would it be better to go with replaceable 18650 Li-Ion batteries instead as I will need to wire the speaker anyway and therefore could just wire a battery holder as well? I realize I would lose the recharge port.
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    The battery you have chosen will give you a pretty good run time (2-4 hours depending on use), but another option for your battery would be to leave the JST connection on your battery...that way you could swap out batteries & still use the recharge port, this is something I've been considering with my own build.

    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
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    I'm not quite following you Nassad Talk. Which parts for the battery are you specifically talking about using?
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    You're going to need some way to secure your electronics so they don't bounce around inside your saber, this is done in one of 2 ways, building a chassis (like I've done in my build). The chassis parts can be configured in a number of ways & is, in my opinion, one of the best options when using a recharge port.

    What I was planning for my build was to remove a section of the discs that secure the battery & use the jst connector that comes pre-installed on the battery pack below to separate it from the chassis. Basically I'd wire a corresponding jst connector in between the board & battery for quick removal & change of the battery.

    The second option is to use this:

    This holder is specifically designed to work with a NB & a removable 18650 cell.

    Hopefully that clarifies things a bit for you.

    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
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    That is where I run into the problem stated in question #2 of my first post. Both the Acrylic Chassis Disc for NB and 18500/18650 pack - S3 and the MHS speaker mount V6 state they can't be used with a prewired Nano Biscotti. Can they be modified or do I need to find some other way?
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    Check out these videos...
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    They walk you thru building a saner based around the nb/18650...he actually does the wiring to the board using the wiring harness used in the pre-wired NB

    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
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    Take a better look at the pre-wired NB.

    The white connector part is wired on the board in the prewired NB. Madcow wires his white connector after he solders the wires to the NB board. I assume that is why a pre wired NB won't work with the chassis parts above.

    I thought I read somewhere you can't use a recharge port with removable batteries. Is that true?
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    I know how how the NB is wired...the way madcow wires it is a better option.

    I don't think you understand my idea for the battery & recharge port...instead of wiring the battery directly to the recharge port, you'd wire a jst connection in line
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    I was able to use the pre-wired NBv2 with the chassis disks. It did require that the plug be trimmed a little to fit in the chassis disk and then into the saber. I don't know if the v3 would work the same way, but I would guess it does.

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    NaasadTal, I think I finally get what you are saying about the battery and JST connector. The JST makes the battery easily removable. Thanks for your patience. Cool saber by the way.

    rlobrecht I think the only difference between V2 & V3 is the electronics on the board. Looks like I'll just haft to wing it, but thanks for letting me know it might be possible with a prewired one.

    I'm going to go with a setup like Madcow's other vid here then:
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