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Thread: First post & 2 new Photon builds. Need advice and parts review!

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    Default First post & 2 new Photon builds. Need advice and parts review!

    Below is a parts list i have put together over the past couple weeks after watching videos and reading the manuals. Can anyone take a look at it and let me know if i am missing anything or build suggestions? i went with the prizm since i wanted saber lock, but for new guy to this and if thats the only difference is it better to just go with a NB? i am building essentially two of the same sabers with different hilt parts for look/length.

    SaberBuilder_render-w charge port.jpg

    Lightsaber Photon blade builds:
    Hilt parts:
    (2) 9” electronics shield for 1.25’ MHS tube

    saber #1:
    MPS pommel style 3 V1
    4” double female threaded connector
    double ended male style connector style1
    5” fluted double female threaded connector – drilled for (2) 16 mm recessed AV slots – in line
    LED Blade holder style 18
    MPS V2 Pommel Insert style 1

    MPS Blank Pommel Long
    1.2” double female threaded connector
    double male extension
    hilt style 5 – drilled for (2) 16 mm recessed AV slots – in line
    LED Blade Holder style 27
    MPS V2 Pommel Insert style 1

    parts for both sabers:
    (2) MHS heat sync V3
    Space in bottom of hilt for resonant chamber
    (2) PRIZM 4 plecter labs soundboard: Saber lock, Saber radiance glow, Flash on clash
    (2) Speaker - 2w x28 bass
    Blue/Blue/White Cree XP-E2 CopperNova vs RBG Cree XP-E2? will an RBG be able to be programmed with the Prizm to be comparable to a BBW? if so that would be great to have more color options.
    (2) 34” or 36" VV photon blade
    (2) Kill key
    (2) Switchcraft 2.1mm Power Jack and Chargers

    (2) illuminated momentary16mm AV switches (black body) – main
    16mm anti vandal blue recessed Illuminated Buttons (momentary): on/off button
    (2) 12mm anti vandal red recessed illuminated 2nd button slot for saber lockup effect and sound selection
    (2) 18650 battery- 3.7 2400 mAh single cell? Or can larger or double battery be used for more use time? How many mAh for battery for use with Prizm/this setup? 1 li-ion cells - 18650
    Battery chassis and chip chassis parts:
    28 gauge Wiring? Red, green, white
    (2) 18 degree lens
    (2) 8/32 1/8 blade set screw (is this sturdy enough for dueling or is larger better?
    (4) Star thermal tape pad - Tri LED
    Resistors for illuminated switches:
    ( 8 ) .47ohm .5w resistor for Blue?
    (4) .5 ohm 3w resistor for white?
    (4) 1.2 ohm 3 watt resistor (for red) for 12mm AV switch?

    i also wanted to make sure internal disc parts are proper diameter as i based these parts of the NB video build. The NB looks likes its a little smaller specs then the Prizm 4, but i didn't know if its there were specific discs for the prizm or just dremmel the NB discs listed below?

    (4)Stainless 4-40 all thread
    (2) MHS speaker mount V4 - For 28mm Speakers
    (4) Acrylic Chassis Disc for Recharge Port - S8
    (4) Acrylic Chassis Disc for PC and 18500/18650 pack - S2
    (2) Chassis Disc style 5
    (4)1/2" Aluminum 3/16" OD spacer
    (4)1" Aluminum 3/16" OD spacer
    (4)3/4" Aluminum 3/16" OD spacer
    2" Aluminum 3/16" OD spacer
    ( 8 ) Brass 4-40 Hex nut

    Instructions for drill and tap:

    (2 recessed 16mm AV) Cutouts for hilt style 5 (saber 2) and 5” fluted female connector (saber 1)
    Location of cutouts: Please use your best judgment to make switches are spaced properly one above the other closer to the top of the hilt as in picture.

    (2 recessed 12mm AV switch hole
    location: Please line up 12mm switch below 16mm switch on both sabers

    (2) Drill & Tap Hole (8-32)
    location: blade retention hole on blade holder. Put hole on right side of holder on both saber

    (2) recharge port on bottom back of hilt on opposite side of AV switches – how to determine hole placement and is it better to just keep this inside and open the hilt when a charge is needed? how does the charge port stay lined up with milled hole in hilt?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Looks like a great start...the only thing I would suggest is to go with the 3400mah 18650 in the link below, it'll give you a longer run time.

    ...Everything else looks good to me

    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
    My Saber Build -

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    Thank you! Really appreciated for the info!

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    I didn't see this in your list, so if you didn't already plan on it, you may want to pick up a couple MPS clips:
    they hold the pommel inserts in place.

    Do you hear that?
    That is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way.

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    I didnt have that. Thanks as I would have gotten to that point and wondered why it wasn't staying in place. Thanks again!

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