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Thread: (noob) and would love some help

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    Default (noob) and would love some help

    I have a 2015 black series Vader and I want to convert it to a removable blade and I would like to do a three LED with a white flash on clash and I seen a few tutorials for the conversion but none of them were for the 2015 black series. The pommel says 2015 Hasbro SA And I'm just curious if one of the tutorials that are already available are the same for the saber I have.
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    the 2005 MR Vader is pretty much the same saber I believe, so tutorials for that should work with maybe only minor changes here or there

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    I'll be doing my conversion soon, and I'll take pics of the process. I may do the disassembly later today.
    I'll be using a single cree in deep red though.
    Don't think you can use a tri-cree that way. The soundboard doesn't support FOC, so you would need to overhaul the internals and fit it with a board that does like the NBv3.
    A tri-cree (3x red) can work, but the LED won't be performing at its full potential.

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    Ok thanks has been a while since I checked this but I appreciate all the help I am going to start buying all the parts I need for the conversion will post pictures when I start the disassembly Thanks again for all the help

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    I recently converted a 2015 Hasbro Vader to NBv4/tri cree.

    The disassembly is pretty straight forward if you follow one of the guides posted here.

    I'm assuming you're going to put in a new soundboard if you want FOC? Here's my build list for reference, feel free to pm me if you have questions:

    TCSS V6 chassis
    Veco 28mm bass speaker
    Dr/dr/w tri cree
    TCSS Vader conversion kit
    Spst momentary tactile switch
    18650 removable battery and holder
    8-32 drill and tap for chassis retention screw

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    Ok thanks I'm just so new to this I want to get all the info I can before I start the build


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