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Thread: Obi-Gladius Build

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    Looking awesome! Hey Darth nurse, where do you get your radiator fins?

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    I got this set of fins from a limited run on Etsy.

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    Mounted up the control box 7. BH 24 will finish off the exterior. Then the weathering...

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    I like the look of the red card. Now to figure out how to install the switching...

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    That looks outstanding. I'm really digging this design. With regard to weathering, I'm guessing you're using Aluma Black. But I'm curious as to what process you're using to knock down the shine. Sand paper is my immediate guess, but I'm definitely curious.

    I look forward to seeing how it turns out. Awesome start!

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    Thank you!

    Yes, this pass was Aluminum Black. I took most of it off (except on the booster) with what is really a soft grinding wheel on my Dremel. Next step is 00 steel wool to even things out a bit. I may still add a few dings and whatnot then fill those with AB.

    The choke will be weathered with acetone fumes. I may also get a brass pommel cap when they are in and do the same. I have brass screws that will secure the control box, and be aged accordingly.

    Final step will be matte clear coat, just as I did on my previous build. This knocks out the smell from the AB and keeps me from further wearing it off. Kinda locks in the finish.

    I STILL need to figure out how I will do the switches... then off to wire it all up. Prizm 3.5, RGB, 18500 battery, etc...

    Plan is to have it done before Celebration and wear it when I go on the Saturday.
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    Awesome! Thank you much for sharing your techniques. I'm waiting on a few custom pieces from Tim and then will be working on weathering mine. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this one complete.

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    Worked on the brass choke. Even after scouring with steel wool and direct acetone, I could not get it to react to the acetone fumes. This is aluminum Black, but I'm not sure I'm fully happy with it. May strip it down and start over.
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