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Thread: First shot at Nano Biscotte, and I need advice!

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    Post First shot at Nano Biscotte, and I need advice!

    Hey guys! I was looking at using the Nano Biscotte for an upcoming build of mine, but before I commit and buy parts, I wanted to clear up a couple questions I had. The plan is for a simple setup, with a single green LED, no flash, standard momentary switch, no recharge port. This will be a gift for my son, his first lightsaber, so none of the "bells and whistles" apart from having decent sound are really necessary, but I still want it to be a quality saber. Anyway, my questions:

    1.) This is my biggest question/concern: what would be the best battery set up to use for the NBV3? Four AAA, two AA, LI, et cetera? Like I said, it will be my first time using it, and admittedly, I got a little bogged down by the specs on the product page.
    2.) I was perusing through the MWS selections and noticed that there isn't a resistor anywhere amidst all that, but read that NBV3 has a power extender, so does that go in place of it or something? (I likely won't use the MWS options since it would be more expensive, and there would be a lot more extra wire that will ultimately get in my way.) Simply put, will I need to get a resistor as well, or does the NBV3 take care of that on its own?

    And that's about it. All the basics of wiring and saber construction I have down, and if I have any more questions I'll tack it onto this.
    Thank you in advance, and happy sabering to all! (I'll be sure to post pictures when the build is finished!)

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    Hello, the preferred battery soloution would be 3.7v Lithium Ion 18650. The power extender was for flash on clash in previous versions of the NB. V3 has it built in. You will need to calculate, using Ohms law, a resistor based on the forward voltage of your chose LED and battery. Commonly used resistors can all be found in the store.
    Good luck with the build.


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    Thanks! Now is that one or two of the 18650?

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    One is sufficient. If you use multiple cells, they must be wired parallel. 3.7v is perfect for the NB. A 7.4v pack will blow the board.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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