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Thread: Bunch of diffent builds

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    Default Bunch of diffent builds

    Since it takes me a while to get sound in sabers I am posting some in progress pics as well as finished. Been a while since I posted. Sorry if there was a pic that I already posted as I can't remember what I posted and what I did not.

    converted luke with switch lit up

    Converted Maul

    My take on the ultrasaber prophecy

    Weathered Sabers

    Custom blade holder

    Hybrid Maul / MHS



    Gladius Upgrade


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    Love the weathering on the Maul saber! Also, intrigued by the maul/MHS combination . These are all pretty dope hilts. Great job on the lot!

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    Wow. That's a lotta Sabers. Love the weathering. Great job all round.

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    Very nice. That's a large collection of sabers. I feel much better about my obsession now. I was starting to think I'd gone overboard with too many builds. Now I can rationalize more builds. By the way, that pommel-ish piece used as a blade holder in the final pic is very unorthodox, and it looks great.

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    Very cool. I had forgotten all about the Maul/MHS hybrid. Nice work on the custom parts, and the weathering. I dig

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    Nice job. I still haven't convinced my wife to let me add #2 to our budget.

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    Thanks everyone, yes I have an obsession.


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