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    Hey guys,

    I wanna check if this is correct- I've successfully built this build before with the exception of the recharge port.

    I want to check if I'm doing it correctly because after wiring it up -upon saber performing anything other than activation and deactivation my motor surges and the saber stops functioning.
    I then replace the kill key in saber and remove it for successful boot and ignition

    CF 8
    7.4 volt TCSS battery pack
    RB,G,A tri cree led
    recharge port
    motor(can't recall voltage-currently working on another saber tho-same motor and set up)
    2 accent led(currently-wanna add bar graph once this is sorted-I do have all the smd resistors soldered to board currently)
    I included pictures of the connection to board from motor-Maybe my soldering for the motor lead is bad to the board
    Anyone know any tests or suggestions for finding a solution?

    I appreciate the help.

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    Specs on the motor will be important. It is probably pulling too much current. Do you have a resistor on it?

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    I have to go by radio shack to find out the specs-

    No resistor on it-

    Ive wired an exact motor match to a previous build(exact wiring schematic as well) where the only difference was I used a jst quick connect instead of a recharge port

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salohcin0083 View Post
    I have to go by radio shack to find out the specs-
    Sorry for the dealy(Darth Real Life)

    The motor is a 3.5 v motor


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