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Thread: List for a really simple light saber

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    Default List for a really simple light saber

    Hi everyone*!
    It's my first time here, and the first time I will build my own Lightsaber (for cosplay) and i'm french so i'm kind of lost in all the specifities you need to get to a fully complet lightsaber.
    First my design is quite simple because I will wrap the hilt in grip and fabrics. I need the blade to be yellow. I really don't need a fancy light saber, I just want it to be solid and not expensive. (and i'm not quite sure where to place the button)

    So I did my shoping, following the steps I found. I'm guessing you have a lot of this kind of message everyday but i'm really afraid of missing something.
    Can I optimise this*? Did I miss something*? (probably) Tell me*! Thank you*!



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    I don't think you can attach that blade holder to a sink tube. You may want to pick a MHS V1 Main Hilt/body and Pommel and pommel insert. You will also want to check the box for the MHS Heatsink V3 in your Blade Holder in your cart so that you can mount your LED and optics inside the blade holder.

    The main body comes with a hole for a switch, you can pick a different switch depending on which option you choose on the main body.

    While the color discs with a white LED will work, you will likely not be impressed with the brightness. You may be better off getting an RGB cree star and using Red and Green to make your yellow.

    You are also going to need a resistor or buckpuck so you don't blow out your LED by running too much voltage through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zzan View Post
    I don't think you can attach that blade holder to a sink tube.
    You can, actually, attach a blade holder to a sink tube using the MHS to sink tube adapter:

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    There's a complete LED that you can buy: Rebel Star LED unfortunately no Yellow color. There are far better switches than the classic. Also, if you order a MHS Main Body you can get a hole drilled to fit your switch for few more dollars.
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    I would definitely look into getting the MHSV1 parts, they'll be a lot more sturdy than the sink tube. Try playing around with the MHS builder & seeing what you can come up with for your design.

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    Thank you all ! I'm starting to understand !
    So I followed what you said to do a better list project.
    So I go on with a tri-led (for the resistor I will see with my dad ! ) , and a MHSV1 part (I finally found the MHS builder)
    So here I go
    And yes, I know, there is far much better switches, but it will be covered with fabrics (and take off when it need) so I just need a switch I can access easily and quickly
    Is it starting to look like something ?
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    Looks like you're getting there...your list now has 2 blade holders tho. I would also recommend a Li-Ion battery instead of the 4aaa battery holder, it will give you a more reliable power source & for a more even blade color, I'd recommend looking at the trans-white blades & the diffuser, the film can be a pain to use.

    You might want to check these videos out...they have helped me a lot:

    Basic Saber (no Sound)

    Basic Saber (with sound)
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -

    Basic Saber (with sound) version 2

    All these videos give links to the parts used in them so you'll be able to click on them & add them to your list.
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    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
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