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Thread: Wiring Check for NBv2

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    Hey Guys, I took a short hiatus from sabers but I started building some for the upcoming Christmas season. The first was a stunt saber, simple battery, switch, buck puck, and LED. But the other one will be a full saber. It's got a NBv2, single LED for the blade, and an accent LED AV Switch. I wired up the bulk of it, still need to add a resistor to the main LED, but when I tried to do a test to hear that sweet sweet hum and NADA came of it. Was hoping you guys could give it a look and tell me where I went wrong. I really hope I didn't fry my board. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank everyone who took a look at my problems. After messing around with it for a bit I discovered it works so much better with the SD card installed. Now I just need to get the LED resistor set up and I'm in business.


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