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    I understand that you can make your own sound fonts but i don't know where to start or how to make it.What kind of software do you use and how do you put it onto the sd card?

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    Subscribe to the YouTube channel for SaberBaron Studios. He did a bunch of exclusive fonts for the Vader’s Vault sabers and has a really extensive font tutorial coming out soon.

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    I think its harder to make a good saber font than it is to make the saber.
    A saber font is an entire collection if sound files. and these files need to fit specific parameters or they will not work.

    To get an idea what is required, go through the user manuals for the plector labs sound boards (they are linked under the cards in the store). To make a good sound font, you need to make layers of sound to create depth (like seasoning food). There are many programs out there, a free one I have used is called Audacity. I am no where good enough with it to make a saber font. but its a good place to start and get your feet wet.

    Sound guys have access to entire libraries of stock sounds (like the Wilhelm Scream) but to be original they go on sound safaris to find new and unique sounds. You need a good microphone to go on 'sound safaris'. Suggestions for sounds are anything that hums like electric motors. engines, fluorescent light ballasts, shavers, etc. You need to be creative. There is some good documentation in the deluxe versions of the lord of the rings, where they go behind the scenes and show how they created some of the sounds. For SW: ANH the blaster sound was made by hitting a radio tower guywire with a hammer.

    the long and hard part of making a font is getting everything working together the way you want. For instance you need to include the constant hum in the back ground of all your clash and blaster sounds or it will really sound wrong. the looping has to be flawless because the files are short and you don't want to hear constant skipping. Once you have all the files created they need to meet the parameters the sound card is expecting (like length, bit rate and mono or stereo). You can then copy them to a micro SD card and try them is your saber. Personally I think it will be a fun challenge and look forward to hearing what you come up with.

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    thank you so much for the detailed advice


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