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Thread: CF 8 Assistance

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    I'll heat shrink the recharge port legs-

    I am able to test the Green LED with a separate 3 v battery pack. I installed the kill key-I ran the leads from the separate battery pack to the ends of the green LED wires where they connect to the CF and I am able to get the green to lite up.

    I also used the volt meter on the FOC pad(same pad/wire end tested with separate pack) where the green is wired to and it does have close to 5 v coming from the pad- and still no green LED.

    In my(noob) mind, I would think the above test would tell me that the wiring of the green is ok.

    Imma be sure to heatsink in the morning and update-

    thanks again

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    I applied the heat shrink to the recharge port legs-As well as confirmed my green LED still works and the wiring allows the LED to activate-

    Unfortunately still no response from the green when the saber is activated and the saber still powers down on its own-


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