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Thread: Rice with prizm

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    Default Rice with prizm

    Where are the rice pads for prizm and how do I wire and use them?
    I have already read the manual and I have not seen any labels ect for the.

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    Look on page 42 of the Prizm4 manual. The pads are on the underside of the board.

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    But how do i wire it.Do I put a wire on each one or bridge it?

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    If you look at that page of the manual it tells you what goes where. I am at work now and can't remember which goes to tip, and which goes to ring. The first time I wired it I got it wrong and had to swap the TX and the RX. The book is pretty clear. One pad goes to the tip of the female jack, and the other goes to the ring. The ground pad goes to the battery negative of the recharge port if I remember correctly. Neither one is bridged.


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