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Thread: Drill and Tap Question and Check

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    Default Drill and Tap Question and Check

    Would an M5 (which I think is an 8mm) tap fit an 8-32 blade retention screw? Also what would be the best drill bit?

    If not, would this one work?:

    This is the blade retention screw I have:

    My local hardware store only has M5 and upwards, but I think I'll need an M4.

    First time builder by the way, so sorry if it's a stupid question.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    From my understanding, metric and imperial taps, bits, screws, etc do not match up. They may be close in some respects but its always better to use what corresponds with what is needed. So, 8-32 screw needs an 8-32 tapped hole.

    M5 is 5mm btw.

    Here is a link to a table for Imperial taps and corresponding drill bits.

    A google search will provide metric tables as well.
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    Alright cool. Guess I'll have to rethink my plan. Thanks for the help.

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    If your hardware store only has metric bits and taps, they probably have metric screws as well. There's nothing magical about 8-32 screws, unless you want some of the specific designs sold at TCSS.
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    Yeah it's just that I've already bought the screw from tcss. I'll save it for a later saber and just get a new screw that I know will fit I guess. Thanks.

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    That's the nice thing about standards... there are so many to choose from.

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