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Thread: Blaster from MR Luke ANH hilt.

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    Default Blaster from MR Luke ANH hilt.

    Using stuff I had laying around. A Ruger 10-22 stock, an MR ANH Luke hilt, and an old crappy scope that doesn't hold its zero anymore. I cut the scope down about 4 inches from what it used to be and am going to mount it backwards.

    And cut down, sanded, and ready to stain

    Thinking maybe some sort of knuckle guard instead of a trigger guard?

    Here is the stock after one coat of yellow. What I used was about 3 tbsp of rubbing alcohol and 10 drops of yellow food coloring. Apply with a folded cloth until all liquid is gone.

    Then a coat of green, same method. Let it dry after the yellow then apply all the green. I put a coat on, let it dry in front of a fan for a minute or two and then added more until all liquid was gone. This pic is after one coat of green.

    For the internals, I found an old Luxeon LED out of an early Ultrasaber.

    It didnt have a heatsick so I added an aluminum covertech clip with some thermal grease and hot glue.

    Attached that to a length of lightsaber day blade with a cellophane wrap inside and an extra LED focusing lens as an endcap

    Decided to go a different way with the scope. Using this dead vaporizer with a lens from the small scope attached instead of the endcap. Then I'll run a braided cable out the back and into the receiver.

    Here is where I am at so far.

    The stock still looks rather green. To finish I am adding coats of Old English until it's as dark as I want it. Then multiple coats of Tung Oil. This protects and adds back all the oils to the wood that you dried up with the rubbing alcohol. After a few layers you get all kinds of iridescence. The lighter parts will have a reflective gold color from the yellow, then greens and browns depending on the grain patterns.

    As soon as the stock is done i just need to add the momentary switch and the trigger assembly and paint the white parts black. Then add a small battery pack and a lower plate to cover the internals and maybe do a blackwash as the barrel has some scratches that I might as well accentuate. My armor is going to be rather weathered so I figure it should sorta match. Think instead of a holster I am just going to add a covertech knob to the left side of the barrel and put a clip on my belt. i'd like to make a drop leg holster for it, but sounds like a lot of work.
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    Ok. I be the first to comment.
    I love it. That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Very inventive use of parts, and the work looks really good. Clever very clever.
    Nice work

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    Thanks. On a side note can anyone tell me why my pic links aren't working right? Same links just show pics when used on other forums.
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    I think it is the width and height parameters that is messing up your post.

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    Yes it Photobucket you click on the bottom IMG link then paste it in here.

    For ex...i clicked in the box next to the IMG on your Photobucket page (it will flash "copyed" with a yellow background) then hit enter after i finished typing this then right clicked & paste.

    Each forum linking process is different.

    By the way your Blaster is coming along rather well...can't wait to see it done.

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    Fixed the links, thanks.

    Yeah I like the concept of this one. I was expecting some nerd rage honestly saying that the hilt was too recognizable. But the bunny ears just screamed "rear iron sights" to me.
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    So here is a pic with about 4-5 coats of old English on it. As you can see, it darkened it considerably. The wood no longer sucks up the Old English and I had to wipe it with a dry cloth at the end of this coat. Before it would dry completely to the touch because the wood was so dehydrated from the alcohol. Now we are back to where we want the wood to be. If you leave it that dry, it will eventually become brittle and crack somewhere. Now once I put the Tung oil on, that will require buffing which will remove a little of the green and the brown from the old English. It will also bring out the yellows and some awesome iridescence in the grain patterns. Cant recommend the stuff enough. Also I added some paint to the receiver and epoxied my scope cable in, added a small lightsaber blade tip mirror inside of it as well as a red lens.

    Now here is the trigger group. Made a housing for the trigger and switch out of a piece of 2x4. Its just a U shaped housing the same width as the channel in the bottom of the stock, with a stepped up floor for the different mounting heights of the trigger and switch.

    Here it is assembled. Put the momentary in at an angle to try and save some space since there wasnt a lot of room under where the barrel sits. Trigger I believe is the stock one for the 10-22?

    Works like a charm with a nice short travel, I would estimate around 3lbs of trigger pull just due to resistance from the switch.
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    Here is all the internal wiring.

    Here is the battery box. Small project box with the back cut in half and a section of piano hinge.

    Battery box and trigger group mounted and painted.

    Weathered and assembled.

    Lit up.

    Now for a last few greeblies and maybe a hand guard running from the bottom of the grip to in front of the trigger.
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    Got some more work done. Couple greeblies under the scope with some color filters so they light up teal I stead of the green like the rest. I added T rails from a model train track to the battery pack and the rail connectors and a knob from a sewing machine on the other side. I also sanded the stock a bit and hit it with some ebony stain to darken it up.

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    I like it. It looks like a blaster put together under austere conditions. Maybe it's something a novice bounty hunter put together. I read somewhere that Lucas was adamant that props had to look like there weren't "designed". I think this piece reflects that principle. It isn't a perfect, refined blaster but a weapon put together within the harsh conditions of the Star Wars universe. That makes it look like it fits right in to a yet-unwritten storyline. It's very unorthodox. Nice work!


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