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Thread: What is the BEST Saber Sound Font?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grAfLEX25 View Post
    It's so hard to just pick one: bananas no description necessary
    Don't know that they're on though...

    I only have used Bespin II and Unhinged both of which I highly recommend. The layering of various noises in the fonts really brings them to life.
    Hard to just pick just one? do know the higher end sound boards can have many fonts in them right? (10 I think is the max)

    Also agree ...there is no best...each has there own idea of what it should DC stated fav's would fit better.
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    As far as a specific sound font, thats hard to say, but in my opinion across the board, Madcow's fonts are simply the best. Have sat on Saberfont a few times listening to fonts over and over, and each time ended up with another Madcow offering.

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    hard to pick! I would think rogue is my favorite for right now. Ask me again next week.

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    A video of my curved saber with the "Metropolis" inspired sound font by BaconWizard. Best sound font, period! You can get it here. Did I mention that it's free?!

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