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Thread: Northwind - a Viking inspired saber

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    I really like how you did the green accents. The black weathering over the green gives a sort of subtle glow to the saber.

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    Nice work. Etching looks really good.
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    Real good etching work bro...saber looks most impressive.

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    Thanks so much everyone.
    Yeah this one was 6 separate etches, 1 emitter, 1 choke and 4 on the hilt.
    I think I'm going a bit etch crazy. Even the other saber (havok's ember) was only 4.

    If you want to venture into etching, I can't recommend enough getting a vinyl cutter
    and a bench power supply.
    It's freed me in a way to pursue my own style. Thanks again to ARKM for the tutorial.

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    Oh dang, I love this hilt. Awesome work!
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