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Thread: Using Vacuum Wand for curved hilt--can these take dueling?

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    Default Using Vacuum Wand for curved hilt--can these take dueling?

    I'm building a curved hilt saber using a stainless steel vacuum wand. It seems to be very tough material, but it is much lighter and thinner than the aluminum. If I have the curved portion on the grip point of the saber, will it eventually start to buckle under the weight of dueling, especially sitting between the weight of the blade and the counterweighted pommel?

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    For reference, I have a picture and description of the curved piece in this thread:

    I meant to build this saber in the spring, but life got in the way.

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    Stainless steel is pretty ridged stuff. considering people make sabers out of brass sink tubes and they don't collapse and that the shape of your piece is a work hardened compound curve, I think you are safe. My guess is if you use it that much, something else will break first. and then you'll have an excuse to make another saber (c'mon you know you will).

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    Darth Bane inspired saber

    Yes, they hold up to dueling just fine. In fact, their inherent lightweight from being hardened steel gives a bit of an advantage. The down side is they're very tough to drill.


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