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Thread: Video: CF8 Crystal Illumination

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    Default Video: CF8 Crystal Illumination

    Some have asked for this. It's a breakdown of how to wire in a RGB accent LED and use the CF8's features to light a crystal.

    The 5mm RGB accent LED will be available in the store soon.

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    That answered a lot of my questions. Thanks!

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    Hello, and thanks in advance! Very impressed with TCSS. I can see “investing” a lot of my funds here! Truly.

    Ok, I’m building a saber from scratch and using the Crystal Focus Saber Core V8; literally been reading the manual for about 13 hours straight. What an amazing creation!! Magnet Magic. Sweet. Well, hitting the purchase button will be in part based on the feasibility of my idea…

    I’ve attached a word doc with pics from the owner’s manual. It includes my vision/interpretation of the wiring on them. (upper left pic in the doc). It also includes my questions (lower right in the doc). Hopefully it’s easy to read.

    Here is my goal:

    Custom Tri-Cree LED: Amber as the main color. Very, very low pulse. Red/Orange pulsing constant and a little heavier than Amber. Red/Orange has the same everything as the crystal chamber. And of course, white for FOC. So, I mapped Amber to the main, Orange/Red to accent LED #8, white to power & Resistor [based on pic on pg 40], and 5w RGB LED to accent LED ports 5, 6, 7 [based on TCSS youtube vid]. Please see doc/pics.

    So, wanted to validate this is possible and get some clarity on the other questions…

    Any help is appreciated!!


    Screenshot (25).jpg

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    You should really start a new thread for help on your ideas. The image is too small for my old eyes to read.

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck with your build.

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    Thanks for the quick reply! I don't have "posting permissions" to start a new thread. It wouldn't let me upload a doc. Is there another way I get send the doc so you can see it?

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    Look at the Saber Sound area, you should be able to start a new thread there. Look at this tutorial for posting pictures. In fact reading everything in the Welcome to the forum and New to the saber scene areas would help you a lot.

    I don't think there is a way to share a document here. You could link to a Google Doc or Dropbox or something like that.


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