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Thread: Halloween coming up soon???

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    Post Halloween coming up soon???

    Hey guys,

    To start off i just want to say how great it is to be on this forum! and i am looking forward to chatting to everyone!

    As everyone knows Halloween is coming up soon and i am getting very excited it is a great time of year where me and my friends get together and use it as like a comic-con, meet up and let the games begin. This year i am going as the Sith Lord the decision has been made great costume and i have the perfect light saber to go with it, then after a little make up from my friend (shes a make up artist) i will look like the Sith himself hahaha. Now what i am here for is your opinions on taking my dog dressed up in a costume with me? i have been looking online at star wars dog costumes for sale and there are loads to choose from i will place some pictures below. So what do you think? is this an un-cool thing to do to my dog or do you think its fine??? I take my dog everywhere with me he is literally my best friend (attached at the hips) and either way he will be coming with me but in a costume would be so much better!!

    Some examples below
    star wars dogs.jpg
    star wars dogs 2.jpg

    let me know what you think guys!!!


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    I've never seen the bantha one before. Go for it. Don't ask permission to have fun.

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    Welcome to the party man. I like the Bantha. Hope you have fun

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    Bantha all the way!

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    There is a few Bantha lovers here!!! its definitely a good costume!! and your rite lets just have some fun!!!

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    Yh im 100% going for the Bantha costume when hes got it on i will take a pic and place it up to show you all!!!

    Thanks guys

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    AT AT for the win

    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    I found the one i want on this site below you should all check it out they have loads of different options on there and sizes!!

    Thanks guys going to be a good night


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