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Thread: Mini Lathe Help

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    Default Mini Lathe Help

    I am looking into purchasing a mini lathe and I wanted to know if this lathe would be okay to make a usable lightsaber.
    (Is it powerful enough?)

    If it won't work could you please sudgest a good lathe that is affordable?


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    I would say no based on the max material diameter only being 20mm(.78 in). The MHS parts are I believe 1.45in dia.

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    Sorry,I got the wrong one.This is the correct one

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    That looks to be too small and it's for woodworking. I have a mini lathe with 300mm between centres which is probably as small as it can be for this hobby. So far it has done all I want it to and many things that make life easy. It did, however, cost about £500 on sale, which for you guys is probably $750 to $1000

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    The lathe says that it can do soft aluminum though.So is it okay to use!?

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    That's really inexpensive. With power tools, you get what you pay for. I'd be leery of this item. Even the description looks like someone just ran it through Google Translate.

    Max length it'll support is 135mm (a little less than 5 1/2 inches), so you can't work on any long saber parts with it.
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    Thanks for the help

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    Its also a little strange that it has been available on Amazon for more than 2 years, and no one has rated it, reviewed it, or asked a question about it.

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    What EXACTLY would you be trying to do with these mini lathes?
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