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Thread: K'Mari - Double Bladed Saber

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    Default K'Mari - Double Bladed Saber

    (I have shared this post from other forum and would like to share here as well, would love to get feedback from you guys hope you don't mind. )

    Hello saber people, I would like to share to you this nice project I made for my wife's birthday.
    I started this project more than a year ago as my personal SateleShan inspired saber and after cutting the shrouds
    and finalizing the look it ended up put aside and untouched just like most of my other projects.
    Well until I decided to push myself to finish it as a gift with just around 10 days left to work on.

    As expected I was not able to meet my ambitious deadline but I did try ,
    fortunately I manage to finish the design aesthetic part and was able to present it as a static prop.

    I did promise to finish it and 2 weeks after I so did.

    So now here I present you K'Mari's double bladed lightsaber.

    This is how I characterized my wife as the jedi padawan K'Mari.
    (The name is actually a play around from her real name)

    Lightsaber specifics:

    2X RGB Led mixed to purple, Foc to green
    Nano Biscotte V2 with Pex
    Rotating Crystal motor with 5mm rgb led
    Premium 28mm Speaker
    18650 Li-ion Battery

    Etching details from the body, shroud and on the av switch plate.

    Here's clearer photo of the crystal chamber when not in motion and unlit.

    The arod megil inspired custom etched glass stand.

    And finally my wifes display area.

    Here is a short video demo:

    Let me know your thoughts, I do appreciate any kind of feedback.

    Thanks for looking

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    Just been drooling over this at FX. Simply awesome. The level of detail amazing and the etching is epic.
    Beautiful work dude.

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    Absolutely stunning!!! Love everything about this, the design, the shrouds, the etching, the crystal chamber that doubles as an awesome grip, simply amazing work!!!

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    That's an amazing saber.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    That's one beautiful saber.Amazing job on the etching and shroud!

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    This is just fantastic. What is the script around the CC and on the stand? It looks Elvish.

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    Very Nice
    末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末 末末末末

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    Glad you guys like it, thank you all for the nice motivating comments

    The elven scripts are mostly related to my wife's name and date of birth.

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    That is a beautiful piece of work.

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    Love the look of the saber! The part surrounding the Crystal Chamber is my favorite part personally!

    I'm super impressed on how you got it all to fit in there though!
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