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Thread: 8 builds, 7 MHS builds, 6 complete, 4 sound builds and 1 sink tube

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    Default 8 builds, 7 MHS builds, 6 complete, 4 sound builds and 1 sink tube

    Here is a photo of all the sabers I have either completed or at least 50% complete. Starting at the top: MHS stunt build, recently sold, first build ever sink tube budget build, 50% complete MHS saber with sound and first time trying leather wrapping on the hilt. Next one down is a stunt build that was built for my daughter. Next is another stunt build that belongs to my oldest son and first time I used TCSS powder coating service. Next is a MHS custom sound build when complete will be shipped out to my customer and first time wiring up FoC. Next is another MHS custom build with sound that will be hand delivered to its new owner. The saber at the bottom is my personal saber, Oppror. MHS custom build, first build where I used a sound card and custom shrouding.


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    Nice variety. I like the black and red one if only because it stands out from the rest. How big are those bottom ones? They seem huge compared to the ones at the top.

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    Wow! Nice work indeed. How long did that take you?

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    The two at the bottom are two-handed primary wield. second from the bottom is about 15.75 inches long and the bottom one is 17.25 tip to tip with shrouds installed.

    Total time is around 13 months. I built my first (sink tube build) as part of 2015 Halloween costume.

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    Three of these are gone now. The second from the bottom was a build for my brother-in-law. Right above that was a build for my sister-in-law. And the one at the top I sold to a friend of my oldest son. (not pictured) Is a build I did for my nephew as a Christmas gift from my sister. I have almost finished the saber with the leather wrapped hilt (Red/Blue/Green) Tri-cree LED (magenta main blade, green FoC) just need to get a NB sound card for it. I also have two sink tube builds in the works. One of those builds is a Count Dooku inspired curved hilt that will feature a Red/Amber/Amber Tri-Cree (orange main blade, amber FoC). The other sink tube build is a budget stunt build and will have a single amber LED.

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    I think you'll be happier with a RGG than RAA. The amber is not as bright and isn't going to mix the way you expect. If nothing else, R+G is significantly brighter than even 3 amber.

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    I am wondering what the math would look like trying to figure out the Ohms and wattage for the green Die? Double the resistance and divide the wattage by .25 or possibly keep the same wattage but defiantly change the resistance. Run the Red die at full power.

    Just finished watching Madcow's instructional video (again) on color mixing using different resistors. Still curious to see what kind of color I get out of Red+Amber Dice combo using resistor values as if they were a single die. I'll post some shots. Right now my primary battery voltage is 3.7v. I have a small cache of on-hand resistors (varying Ohm values ranging .5 - 6 Ohms) that I plan on doing some experimentation with and posting my results on a spreadsheet I have started to track my findings.

    -UPDATE- with the Red Amber dice combo I got a more red orange than orange. need to make notes on the resistor I used to get this color and start changing resistance values.-
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    Two more completed builds to add to my list:
    I went simple designs for both builds.
    The first saber can either be off-hand shoto or main hand. NBv3 sound installed RrBW Tri-Cree LED 18650 battery
    The Second is a sink tube build that can either be shoto or main hand. single amber Cree LED, 1 14500 battery and a dummy cell in other battery slot.


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