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Thread: Our Star Wars #theforce4justice Film!!

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    Wink Our Star Wars #theforce4justice Film!!

    Hello All,

    Thanks again to everyone who voted for our film! We won the judges choice award, a Qui Gon Jinn Master Replica Lightsaber (#1575 of 2500) for the best over-all film!! It was a lot of fun and a lot of work to make, although we didn't have much time for stunts, effects, and editing! We plan on doing a bigger, better SW short film with more Martial Arts, Parkour, and all the effects in the near future! Here is our video again for those who haven't seen it, enjoy! MTFBWY

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    Congrats! You guys did some great work on this!
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    Fantastic work! Great choreography, cinematography, and production quality! Hats off to you and your team

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    Thanks! We plan to make an even better one in the near future! Your saber designs are amazing!! Love the oxidized brass!! Do you have an email contact? I'd love to collaborate and/or offer suggestions for your next design! I have a few nifty tricks and parts suppliers I discovered when building mine!
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