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Thread: Spring loaded light dagger gauntlet. Ideas?

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    Default Spring loaded light dagger gauntlet. Ideas?

    I am putting together a costume using Mando style gauntlets and would like to have one of them have an approx 12" tube housing a retractable 9" lightsaber blade. I could do it easily enough with a bolt latch system but I was wondering if there would be any way to do a spring loaded version. Anyone have any experience down this road at all?
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    Sounds like an interesting idea...If you're planning to use this idea for approval into the Mandalorian Mercs, you will not be able to make it spring loaded per the club's codex. I was a Ruus'alor (Sgt at Arms...the officer responsible for knowing the club's CRLs ) for 4 years & I saw a ton of people who wanted to put spring loaded blades in their gauntlets & every one of them was shot down.

    If you really want to make the light daggers, I would suggest making the saber blades something that could easily be removed. Maybe something like a simple twist with a key hole like the one the Graflex hilt has.

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