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Thread: CFv8 capacitor value

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    Default CFv8 capacitor value

    My CFv8 suddenly stopped working -- removing it, I noticed a plastic mounting ring was over the top of a capacitor, and cause the cap to break.

    Anybody know the capacitance of the smaller cap along the edge of the CFv8 board near the buttered toast icon?

    Thank you!

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    Perhaps you could post a picture with the offending piece circled? You may also try posting the same in a thread on the Plecter Labs board at fx-sabers. Erv would know better than anyone.

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    Zook is the person in the US who does repairs on the boards sold at TCSS. Send him a PM. If you can't send PMs yet, I'm sure one of the mods will message him for you.
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    Thanks for the replies and the information. Erv let me know the small cap was 1uF, in case anybody else runs into the same situation.


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