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Thread: HELP!! 28mm Speaker Problem!

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    You may be on to something FenixFire. I originally had a 3D printed chassis that had an open, press-fit mount for the speaker in the end. The main part ended up being to flimsy, so I made a PVC chassis with a cap that pressed over the top of the speaker, pinning it against the end of the PVC pipe. It seems I may have obstructed the speaker membrane from vibrating freely, thereby burning the speaker out. Does that sound about right? My son has a saber with the original 3D print chassis and an open press fit speaker mount that works just fine. Ever since I tried the cap-over idea, I've burned out 2 speakers! I'm thinking this may be the cause. Any other agreements to this theory or other ideas?

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    The cone and membrane need to be able to move freely. I've used a similar solution to mount my speakers (I think) as what you've described. I've milled out an acoustic chamber for the speaker to only set in, snugly, and then created a ring that is just thick enough to press between the speaker frame and the inside of the pommel. If the solution you've created prevents the speaker cone from moving, it's entirely likely that the drivers could have separated from the cone, or worse.

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    Yeah, I could probably re-machine the hole in the cap to be larger so it just sets in the rim of the speaker. I'm going to be even more cautious though and epoxy an actual TCSS speaker mount onto the end of my PVC chassis and follow Rob's (Madcow's) tutorial on speaker and mount installation.

    Yeah, a new speaker physics lesson learned lol!

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