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Thread: Blade Plug

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARKM View Post
    Thanks guys.

    I also feel that the inventor has the right to claim their IP, way after the fact as long as said item being claimed as IP, was posted on the net before anyone else.
    In an honor based system like we want to believe exists and try to continue to foster this is the ideal. Unfortunately, in the legalistic real world not so much! Personally I do feel the same way, and wish that was how the world worked.

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    Copyright law was originally intended to inspire innovation. Patent is intended to protect an inventor's right to profit from their novel idea (and recover the R&D costs). The honor system espoused here really has this same dual purpose. Imagine how boring it would be if we all had the same exact hilt with the same exact plug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARKM View Post
    Thanks guys.

    Now we have an interesting development. As we can see, Greenie came up with this idea before Firestorm1964 did. Now if we were to assume that Greenie was the first person to post this idea on the net WITH a pic or video of the physical item, the way I would feel is that this is Greenie's "intellectual property" but ONLY if he stated that it was his IP. That said, if Greenie were to state that it's his IP, I would not make one for sale/profit without his permission. If he never stated anything about IP or making money off of it, I would then feel that it is ok for anyone to make and sell them and also would feel that no one else could claim it as their IP to then try to prevent others from making and selling them. I also feel that the inventor has the right to claim their IP, way after the fact as long as said item being claimed as IP, was posted by the inventor on the net before anyone else. Again, just my personal feelings on the matter. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way.
    I totally agree with this. I only posted that pic to reiterate my point of people having similar ideas. I've only been in this hobby for a couple of years and assume that, with the exception of new technologies (and maybe my Lego head kill key )it's all been tried before.
    I think the point being made in this thread is that you can't post explicit instructions on how to make something you then claim as your own IP. Just post one pic.....'I make these, do you want to buy one?' Although, even without instruction, they could be easily replicated and when it comes to blade plugs, 3D printing makes the possibilities almost endless.

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    I think the plug looks dope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARKM View Post
    Come on now people, we all know that when it comes to intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks in the custom saber world, pretty much none of it has any actual legal standing. This is not about legal rights, this is about respect and about other sabersmiths in the hobby doing what's right by their fellow sabersmiths. If someone "invents" (the key word being invents) an idea for this hobby using found parts, starts making money off if it and asks others in the same hobby to not make money off of his/her idea as it takes money out of his/her pocket, I personally feel others should respect that person's wishes. Sure the inventor of the idea has no legal grounds to protect his/her idea simply because it uses found parts... but that does not make it right for others to copy and profit from it (copying it for personal use is a completely different matter altogether). We have an honor system in this hobby. Most abide by that system. Just my personal feeling on the matter.
    ^^ This is what I meant. I know full well there's no legal backing behind it

    Quote Originally Posted by ARKM View Post
    As for the blade plug, it looks cool. The only thing that bothers me is that one hole between the outer "ring" of holes and the center hole. Though I suppose one could drill five more holes along the same circular area to make it look more "uniform".
    Yeah, that bothered me for a while... I considered using a paperclip and epoxy to fill the hole, but it seemed like too much trouble- perhaps another day.

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