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Thread: Battery Life Indicator LED Bargraph tutorials?

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    Question Battery Life Indicator LED Bargraph tutorials?

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to wire an LED bargraph to be a battery life indicator? I plan on using a Petit Crouton sound board.

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    Did you check the manual for the card, it gives you a method. Or you can get a dedicated PLI from the store and wire as directed there.

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    Thanks. Yeah, I looked at the manual, but couldn't find anything on that. I'll check again.

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    Yep, still didn't find anything in the manual.

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    Anyone have any diagrams on how the PLI bargraph is wired with the battery and a recharge port? I'm guessing you would need to wire the PLI in between the battery and the recharge port?

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    PLI shopuld be wired parallel to the soundboard, after the recharge port.

    If you wire it up before the recharge port, it will never turn off, even when the kill key is inserted

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsummit View Post
    Yep, still didn't find anything in the manual.
    The manual tells you how to do it with accent LEDs instead of the bar graph. Thought it mentioned where to place the bar graph. Guess I was wrong.

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    Got it, thanks.

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