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Thread: How to build a crossguard stunt saber?

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    Default How to build a crossguard stunt saber?

    I want to build a custom cross guard saber. Preferably out of cheap building parts, like PVC. I have heard that the 4 way connectors are very weak. Are there any tutorials on how to build a cross guard saber rated for dueling?

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    If you have a search, Kouri is currently posting a build log of his awesome PVC cross guard
    It may be useful to you

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    Grind out the 4-way so that the main hilt tube extends all the way through it. Then you only need little holes for the wires to get to the cross-guard LEDs.


    Cut the short cross-guard pieces with a hole saw and glue them to the main hilt tube, thus avoiding a 4-way altogether.


    Drill a T so the blade sticks through the center of the long flat side, and is secured inside the main hilt tube.


    Like Greenie said, go check out Kouri's thread

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