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Thread: Zenaida, An Elegant Shroud Saber Design

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    Default Zenaida, An Elegant Shroud Saber Design

    Me and my friends have been working on a shroud saber (Our second one! We named it Zenaida.) for a couple weeks now, and now we've *just" finished it in time for may 4th.
    No electronics yet, but we're so proud of the saber we just had to post some progress! The shroud was etched with the root-kill method if anyone was curious.

    Thanks for taking a look!

    (Edit) Thank you everyone for your awesome and very kind comments!
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    Wow, that is some handsome work! Not just the etching, but also the shape of the shroud.

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    Nice etching work. Must have taken a long time to lay that pattern out.
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    Excellent etch work. If you don't mind me asking, what did you use for a resist?

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    Very nice work indeed.
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    Oh yes! That's some excellent etching. Well done. tidy

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    One of the best etching jobs I've seen. Well done
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    BEAUTIFUL! Great work...
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    That shroud sits somewhere between art nouveau and art deco. Love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkanjel View Post
    That shroud sits somewhere between art nouveau and art deco. Love it!
    I'll just call it art. That's absolutely gorgeous.

    +1 on wanting to know what you used for a resist, Sawyer.
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