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Thread: Wiring a Bladebuilders Sound Board... Please, help my poor, confused soul

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    Default Wiring a Bladebuilders Sound Board... Please, help my poor, confused soul

    So I am trying to set up a saber with sound for the first time using a cheap Bladebuilders Obi-Wan sound board (because I'm a Jedi on a budget )... And it is not going very well. I've watched a handful of videos a good fifty times, I've looked at every diagram (which are never all that clear) I can possibly find, and I am stumped.

    My setup is an LED (of course), an illuminated AV switch, the Bladebuilders board and speaker, a battery pack, and a Tip-42 PNP transistor (because that's what all of the things I viewed said I needed), but I have no clue how to wire them all together. I have the basics, like the speaker wired to the speaker parts on the board, the non-polarized parts of the switch wired to the switch parts on the board, but the rest has me clueless. The furthest I've gotten is the sound, switch, and LED on the switch all working together, but not the main LED, and I didn't have the transistor hooked up.

    So long story short, could somebody possibly walk me through what I need to do to get my saber up and running, or perhaps post a diagram that's actually intelligible? I'm tired of having a disassembled saber all over my coffee table.


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    Check out cutaway builds on the forum, too! I am also working with my first two soundboards from Hasbro. Its fun stuff, I bought two at a used toy shop just in case one goes.. erm.. bad. I too am on a budget. However, there is a sense of nostalgia with these boards for me haha!

    Have you checked out this thread?

    If your still having trouble, post a picture of your board with all leads label locations, and a schematic of what you THINK you should do/have done so far. I assume you have also done a load of reading like I have on these older boards, too.

    My board is much older, so they are probably different. There should be a LOAD of diagrams in the econo sound section.

    Also a good place to look:

    Both have helped me with my first board. I still need that Tip-42 transistor- you made the right call on that. So far your on the right path- check out those two threads. Im pretty sure the first thread is the one your after.

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