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Thread: LED hilt tutorial

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    Default LED hilt tutorial

    NOTE: This tutorial is way out of date and is being kept only for posterity's sake. Tim no longer carries this kit. Look in this board for newer tutorials.


    This tutorial will show you how to build a basic LED hilt using my LED hilt kit.

    LED hilt kit (wrong resistor show)

    First you need to drill some mouting holes and a set screw hole in your blade holder. I use two 8-32 mounting and one 10-32 thumb screw.

    Cut your tube down to size. Make sure you leave enough room for all of the electronics.

    Drill holes in the hilt that match the holes you put in to blade holder. A paper template works great for this.

    Drill a hole for your switch making sure the blade holder will not be in the way of where you place the switch.

    Mount the LED to the heatsink portion of the blade holder. Make sure you mount it exactly as shown or the lens holder will not mount correctly.

    Solder some leads to the LED.

    Mount the lens holder.

    Mount the lens onto the lens holder.

    Slide the blade holder onto the led assembly.

    Install the mounting screws.

    Now its time to wire everything up.
    Negative goes from battery connector to LED.
    Positive goes from battery connector to switch then resistor then LED.
    To determine which resistor you need for your LED, check out our resistor chart.

    Here is the wiring all heat shrinked and then electical taped.

    Good time to test that everything works.

    Slide it all together and install the screws and the switch nut.

    Install the batteries and the end cap.

    Lighted with lights on.

    With lights off.
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