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Thread: TFA Graflex w/ Custom Stand

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    Default TFA Graflex w/ Custom Stand

    This is the completed gallery post of a Graflex saber I've been working on the past few weeks.

    You can view the build thread here.

    I originally received this piece as a copy of the Icons ANH saber. It's built on top of a 3-cell Graflex (unsure if authentic or replica, though my guess is an old Parks 1.0). The original clamp and grips were stripped off. LED replaced. Soundboard rewired. Damaged chassis repaired. Graflex slide switch replaced with another retention screw to help secure the blade holder for light dueling.

    Modified Graflex 2.0 grips. Modified Graflex 2.0 Kobold clip. TFA Edge Connector. TCSS Graflex Clamp. One-up Cree XP-E2 Blue LED. Ultrasound 2.0 soundboard. 7.4v 14500 battery pack. Yoda Chassis.

    Machined and painted my own stand and blade plug to display the hilt. Used a bit of black paint on the hilt to make the socket screws look more like rivets and to bring out the stamped lines on the clamp. Crystal LED runs on its own batteries and shines through the clamp holes. Also machined a custom pommel cap to cover the Graflex stamp on the 3-Cell bottom.

    Also another shot in different lighting with the GRAFLEX clamp and uncovered pommel:

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    hi Kouri can I buy the custom stand by you

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