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Thread: Finished my Orgus Din inspired hilt from a long time ago

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    Default Finished my Orgus Din inspired hilt from a long time ago

    I started this quite a while back but I shelved it because I had other things to finish. But had some free time lately and here it is. Its has cues from an Orgus Din but by no means a replica. I also made my own switch with brass rod and machined my own box. The top of the rod is the ignition and the bottom of the rod is the auxillary. Also has a crystal chamber under the shroud that turned out looking a little like a Harp CC. Made a simple core for the hilt but wish the window lit up better with the white led but most of the space is being blocked by the 18650 battery.


    modifiec mhs
    real leather wrap
    tri-cree RGrB
    PL Prizm 3.5
    Panasonic 18650 3400mah
    custom switches
    acid etched and powdercoated shroud
    light weathering


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    Wow. Absolutely incredible. Love the CC!

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    Once again man, gorgeous job.
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    I love it.

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    Beautiful work! All the details look fantastic!

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    The etching on the shroud is gorgeous. Great job on the CC as well!
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    thanks! It turned out pretty good considering I didn't really have a plan and kinda designed as I built it. Which had a couple of facepalm start over moments on the core part. Its funny though that my favorite part is not the etch or the CC or the core but the switches of all things.

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    I love that switch box so much I would marry it.

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    very nice work!


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