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Thread: Custom Crystal Chassis Graflex 2.0 Finished (pic heavy)

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    Default Custom Crystal Chassis Graflex 2.0 Finished (pic heavy)

    Hi everyone!

    I recently finished this Graflex 2.0 kit, and thought I would share it with you. This is my second build ever. The first being a basic install with no custom work.
    I didn't adhere to any specific iteration of the Graflex. I just went with the look I liked best.

    The meat of the work went into the custom chassis piece. The piece was designed to hold the NBv3, switch, recharge port, and 5mm led. It has wiring channels running all through it to accommodate the electronics I chose to go with, and to do so without showing much. It was challenging, but I'm happy to say it worked perfectly! It was originally sculpted in clay, then later molded and cast in resin. I painted it, and then installed. There is one small scuffed part, from an early misalignment on my part, while trying to assemble it all. We'll call it "weathering"!

    The crystal chamber are parts sourced from TCSS and Lowes mostly. It consists of chassis discs, washers, a bushing, and plumbing parts. I would have loved to try my hand at fabricating metal pieces myself, but alas, I only have a dremel, drill, and drill press to work with.

    I did want this saber to be more of a display piece. So, I installed a latching switch for the 5mm led, and wired it so it's turned on independently of the main leds.

    I also used a BBW tri cree with white being the FOC. The power button is the top button on the saber. I didn't use the clamp for any switches.

    And now the pics! Thanks for looking!

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    I'd say you did a phenomenal job. I like your cc its nice and tidy. The tilted board is different which is good imo. Also like the graflex pins you incorporated in your chassis.

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    silnam hit the nail right on the head. Awesome work!

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    Love the custom chassis with the angled access to the sd. That is a tidy CC. Awesome work Eld. What's next?

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    Looks great! Definitely an inspiration. I also love the angled sound card.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the encouragement!

    Quote Originally Posted by Greenie View Post
    Love the custom chassis with the angled access to the sd. That is a tidy CC. Awesome work Eld. What's next?
    As for what's next? The same as most I'm afraid...waiting
    I have a saber planned, but I've been waiting for the parts I need to be restocked. In fact, the Graflex was supposed to be an interim project.

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    Nice job!
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