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Thread: Saber Torch.

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    Default Saber Torch.

    Hi all,
    Much like the title implies I'm looking to build a MHS saber that is a torch instead of a saber w/ blade or prop
    I work full time in security and for night shift I need a torch so why not have the coolest torch around.

    I am having trouble finding info on actually building one.

    How bright are the LEDs, could I Just use the ones on this site, will I need multiple, do I need to go elsewhere.

    lens installation, securing the reflective cone around the led and things to focus if necessary

    battery life. How long can you get from a single charge. This one isn't an issue as I can buy multiple batteries and a charging station.

    Could anyone supply info on the above.

    I've almost finished designing my saber and would like to start on the electronics asap.

    I hope to document the process for like minded individuals.

    Thanks for any input. Feel free to post ideas that may help or that I should add.


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    The LEDs found at The Custom Saber shop are extremely bright, and comparable to high-end flashlights.

    The store sells optics and mounts to secure the optics and LED within the hilt. You may have to ask Tim about a more flashlight-type lens, as the ones in the shop are designed for a very narrow light beam (good for lighting an acrylic tube, not as good to use as a flashlight).

    I can't comment on the runtime, but I suspect you could get at least 30 minutes runtime for a single CREE with a single 18650 battery and no soundcard.
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    I've used the optics for Tri-Rebel/Tri-Cree LEDs as a flashlight. It's a fairly focused beam, more of a spotlight than a flashlight. My Tri-Rebel RGB is brighter than my other (normal) flashlights by a large margin.

    A single Cree white LED running at 1000mA would easily run 2-3 hours with a single 3400mA li-ion cell. You could use multiple cells in parallel to increase runtime, or have them easily removable so you could swap them out for a freshly charged cell.
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    What a cool idea.

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    Some years ago I converted a couple of 5 euro mini flashlight replacing the 3mm leds array with a single Cree XP-G white and the result is definitely good.
    I still carry them around, one in the car and one in the laptop bag. They even followed my in few safaris and did their job efficiently.
    Honestly I don't remember what type of lens I used, perhaps the 8.7 degree sold here or a wider one.

    In your case, not having big restrictions with the batteries (since you have the space to install Li-Ion ones in parallel to increase runtime), I would definitely choose a custom Tri-Cree with 3 white leds.
    For the optics it could be fine the narrow lense sold here.
    If too narrow can be replaced with a medium beam lens, but I guess it should be sourced elsewhere.

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    you can get lenses with a wide spot, oval, narrow or defused. I cant comment on where to get them per forum rules but they aren't particularly hard to find. you'll have the coolest flashlight around that's for sure lol

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    Default would be more efficient to run than a Tri-Cree with 3 white LEDs. It would also be easier to find optics to work with it.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    You could find a 1" OD flashlight/torch and just pop it in the blade holder.

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    I thought a "saber torch" was a maglite.

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