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    Hey all. I need some help on my resistor knowledge.
    I am planning a Graflex 2.0 build and only need the resistors.
    I am using a 18650 3.7 Lithium Ion battery, a NBv3 and Tri-Cree B/B/W XP-E2. This will be on a Padawan Chassis from Goth.
    I was wondering what resistor would I need to run the B/B in parallel and White for FoC.
    I did some calculations with Ohm's Law, but I believe they are incorrect.

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    nvrmind. i see you got it sorted in another thread..
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    I would use one resistor for each LED.
    Wattage isn't that important just don't too big.
    Here is the tutorial.

    for blue: (3.7-3.47)/1=0.23 Ohm (You can get a .5 ohm resistor or solder two 0.5 ohm resistors parallel to get 0.25 ohm. Remember to summate the watt of all resistors in a parallel connection, so two 0.5 ohm resistor with 1w would be in parallel 0.25 ohm with 2w)
    for white: (3.7-3.15)/1=0.55 Ohm (You can get a .5 ohm resistor because it's a only FoC(Flash on Clash) or two 1.2 ohm resistor in parallel)

    for blue: 0.23*1^2=0.23 Watt (just round up to .5 watt or bigger)
    for white: 0.55*1^1=0.55 Watt (just round up to 1 watt or bigger)

    Thats the math, but you should understand the basics of Ohm's Law.
    You just can take .5 ohm resistor for all LED's.

    I was told that the real enemy of an LED is temperature not voltage

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    How do I wire nano biscottie sound board

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyp46 View Post
    How do I wire nano biscottie sound board
    Read the manual (which can be found in the store).
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:
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    2. FJK’s “Down and Dirty” guide to Ohm’s Law

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