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Thread: NB v3 with 4 AAA's

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    Default NB v3 with 4 AAA's

    Hey all, I posted a few weeks ago about adding a Bladebuilders board to an Ultrasabers dark Initiate stunt saber. I couldn't get that to work due to some issues with the transistor, so I decided to get a NBv3 and start fresh.

    Here's what I'm working with..

    Nano Biscotte Sound Module V3
    SPST Momentary Guarded switch with red button
    MHS speaker and 4x AAA battery holder (28mm premium speaker.)
    (All from TCSS)

    Luxedrive A007 Indus single red LED (original from stunt saber)
    Along with the resistor it came with.
    4NiMH rechargeable AAA's

    And one IN4001 diode.

    I hard wired the - leg on the diode to the + on the board, married the positive from the battery to the wire from the led's resistor and then soldered them to the + leg on the diode. That all seemed counterintuitive at first to me, until I read a crash corse in diodes.

    Toughest part was the switch. The stunt level from US uses the switch being pushed in to act as the rear stop for the led module. Having previously gone crazy with soldering switch leads at the end of the build, I added in mini deans to 1" long wires soldered to the switch leads so I could unplug them easily.

    Everything is working wonderfully. I'm thoroughly impressed with the Nano Biscotte and the speaker setup from TCSS! Battery life is great even with how long I've been testing.

    Also, I initially posted this with a few questions, one of which was "is it ok to use four AAA's with this board?" That probably seemed like a dumb question to the regulars, but I felt it was important based on what commonly is quoted on all of the literature provided.


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    You can't use the NBV3 with 4 alkaline AAAs. The max voltage on the NBs is 5.5 V, and your 4 AAAs will give you 6 (4 x 1.5 V). You may do ok with NiMh AAAs. Most people use a 3.4 V Li-Ion battery pack. They are smaller and will last quite a bit longer. Up front costs are higher, though.

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    Yes, I am using NiMh not alkaline AAA's. Had already successfully gotten it to work. Just edited the original post yesterday in case anyone else was wondering if it would work. Battery life is surprisingly good considering, btw.

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