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    $5 computer the size of a sound card. I sense potential!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CET View Post
    $5 computer the size of a sound card. I sense potential!
    Its an awesome board. Until I switched design consultancies at the beginning of last month I was working with a startup that was using a customized variant of the the board in conjunction with another equally small Nautilus (EEG) board to control a exoskeleton of a limb through brain waves, for patient rehabilitation after a specific debilitating medical event. Sorry for being vague but I have too.

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    i may be using something like this for a future project... so much win to be had!

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    I can do my fingerprint activation button with that

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    will the zero FIT into a hilt?

    I know its small.. but that small?

    These were being given away for FREE when you bought the Pi magazine (attached to cover).. a few months back

    1.18 inches.. might work in some places.. (tight squeeze)


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