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Thread: CF 7 -maybe this is the issue

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    Cool CF 7 -maybe this is the issue

    Hey all,

    Basic Part Info
    CF 7.0
    7.4 v battery pack
    GRBA tri cree

    I had an operating set up for my cf but needed to shorten it to fit into hilt- When I finished I tried to fire it up but nothing- no boot or anything-The board is definitely getting power(used the meter) and I do get a "power to board indicator" to light but nothing else. I do not believe I did any solder work with the pack or sd inserted/attached.
    I reformatted the sd card as suggested- Upon installation of said card, I did hear a boot sound but was not able to activate saber, or reproduce the boot sound there after. I was asked if I maybe had some solder beads drop on the board- i think i over looked this-IMG_0331.jpg
    Would that cause my saber to stop functioning? Would that do damage to the board?
    Any guidance is appreciated


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    a boot sound is definitely a good sign! but only getting it intermittantly implies something maybe loose or shorting. check those pads for bridges or bad joints. the one in your pic looks ok still, but i would reflow it with a tiny bit of new solder just to be sure. do the same for any other suspect joints.

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