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Thread: Non-pc- paint- mods

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    Default Non-pc- paint- mods

    Not sure if this is a valid topic to go here, but let's see....
    Anyone do some paintwork to their MHS pieces that was not pc? Tell us about them, pics are awesome! What was your process- were you happy with the outcome... Any mistakes or pieces trashed along the way?

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    Here's one I did with rustoleum hammered grey and a black acrylic wash on top. Gives it a very antiquated look.

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    hmmm… weird- not seeing anything…. just 2 little boxes with ?'s in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty_Bomber View Post
    Here's one I did with rustoleum hammered grey and a black acrylic wash on top. Gives it a very antiquated look.

    With Google Photos you can't use the Share link with the IMG tag. You have to use either the URL tag or copy the image location (right-click).

    You've got some nice colors going on here.

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    Ohh nice! Did you prime it? Dry brush?

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    Nope. Just cleaned the hilt with alcohol, painted it, let it bake in the summer sun for a couple hours. I then dabbed a rag in some watered down black acrylic paint, and weathered it as needed. I think I sealed it with only one or two coats of clear. And voila. Cast iron saber hilt.

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    I havent heard much about it here. But Ive been using a firearm coating called Cerakote for a couple of years now. Would be very suitable for sabers.

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    Cerakote has been mentioned a few times. It's a lot trickier to apply properly than paint or powder coating. If you're experienced with Cerakote (or have access to a shop that does it professionally), then feel free to use it. It's not the type of thing I'd recommend a novice to try.
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    I do run a CK shop. I just havent done any sabers in it yet.

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    I'll throw my hat in the ring again. Here's a few I did before the Slave 1 saber. All painting done at home.



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