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Thread: Recharge port and kill switch not working

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    Default Recharge port and kill switch not working


    I have been building a lightsaber with an econo board and a recharge port, all is working well except for the kill key.
    For exemple When i plug a male plug in my recharge port the circuit is still flowing and i cant switch on/off my econoboard.
    I dont think i made a mistake in the wiring, i have exactly follow the wiring diagram from the thread with all the wiring for the econo board.

    Would somone have any idea?


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    There is one negetive that goes to the battery and one which goes to the board, maybe these are switched on yours. You could try switching these. The only other possibility I can think of is that the negetive leads have been connected somehow.

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    Here is my wiring.

    Don't look at the yellow wire (switch button, the other is missing)

    Do you something wrong?

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    I don't see anything wrong there. What are you plugging into the recharge port? Is it one of the kill keys from TCSS, and are you inserting it all the way? I have heard of people using plugs from Radio Shack and finding that the plugs were just a hair too small to cut the power.
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    I used a standard plug from a charger not connected to the AC


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